Route of the Flogged – PR 2 SAPN

Crossing points : Catano/Bordeira Ribeira das Patas/Chã de Feijoal/Morrinho d` Égua

Length: 12,7 km

Time : 4 h

Type of route : Linear

Start of the route : Curral da Vacas – R.ª das Patas

End of the route : Morrinho D´Égua – Norte

The route – characterized by cliffs carved in steep stone – is part of the local net of the countryside’s paths of the council and island. It used to be one of the most used route in the 40′ and 50’s, during which time the famine ravaged the island of Santo Antão. It is also where takes place the decor of “The Victims Of The East Wind”, a literary masterpiece by the cape verdean author Manuel Lopes. It is now frequently used by the travelers as a touristic activity.

Arriving in Bordeira, you will discern a large volcanic crater, in whichi is present one of the biggest river bassin of the island, the valley of Ribeira das Patas.

On blue sky days, , you can also contemplate the view on the nearby island of S. Vicente, that can also extend, if you are lucky, to the island of Santa Luzia and São Nicolau

Natural heritage

  • Flora: Kickxia webbiana (Kickxia webbiana), Campylanthus glaber(Campylanthus glaber glaber), Artemisia gorgonum (Artemisia gorgonum),Campanula jacoboea (Campanula jacoboea), Conyza feae (Conyza feae), Mustards (Diplotaxis antoniensis), Euphorbia tuckeyana (Euphorbia tuckeyana), Helianthemum gorgoneum (Helianthemum gorgoneum), Echium stenosiphon(Echium stenosiphon lindbergii), Lavender (Lavandula rotundifólia), Nauplius daltonii(Nauplius daltonii vogelii), Globularia amygdalifolia (Globularia amygdalifolia), Periploca(Periploca laevigata chevalieri), Micromeria (Micromeria forbesii), Lobularia (Lobularia canariensis fruticosa), Tolpis (Tolpis farinulosa), Tornabenea bischoffii (Tornabenea bischoffii), Verbascum capitis viridis (Verbascum capitis viridis).
  • Fauna: Birds: Cattle egret (Bubulcus íbis); egyptian vulture(Neophron percnopterus); lesser cape verde kestrel (Falco neglectus); cream colored courser (Cursorius cursor); brown-necked raven (Corvus ruficollis); cape verde swift (Apus alexandri). Reptiles :Gecko de Santo Antão (Hemidactylus bouvieri).

Interesting points :

Natural values :

  • The natural park of Topo de Coroa, the highest point of the island: 1.979 m, based of a large plain area, formed with large volcanic cones.
  • Área with endemic plants, but also aromatic and medicinal.

Cultural values :

  • Celebration of São João Baptista (Ribeira das Patas – June);
  • Celebration of Santo André, in the North ;
  • Crosses of Santa Cruz, three holy milestones situated along the route, where the travelers would stop to thank God for the stage reached and to recover and get ready to continue the journey.
  • Local products:, sweet and liqueurs, traditional cheese, fruits, local craft.