Section Os Resistentes do Planalto GR 1 SAPN

crossing points: Pascoal Alves/ Monte Trigo final

Length: 19 Km

Time: 7 h

Type of journey: Linear with a connection to the second section “The coast of Tarrafal de Monte Trigo”

Start ot the route : Morrinho d´Égua

End of the route : Monte Trigo

This route will cross the places of Chã de Cruz, Chã Dura, Pascoal Alves, Figueirinha de Pascoal Alves, Ribeira Preta, Ribeira de Purgueira and Selada de Monte Trigo, between Morrinho d´Égua /Topo de Coroa and Monte do Trigo (a small fishman village, which, thanks to it’s modern 24h photovoltaic energy system, is now famous as “the most renewable village of Cape Verde”).

On the road between this village and Tarrafal de Monte Trigo, the connexion can be done, as an alternative, either way, by sea, on small traditional fish boats, counting 50 minutes. During this crossing, the traveler will enjoy a unique and singular landscape, between the quiet blue sea of the bay and the high peaks of the vulcano Topo de Coroa, which raise, proudly, from the water.

Natural heritage

  • Flora: Kickxia webbiana (Kickxia webbiana), Campylanthus glaber (Campylanthus glaber glaber), Artemisia gorgonum (Artemisia gorgonum), Campanula jacoboea (Campanula jacoboea), Conyza feae (Conyza feae), Mustards (Diplotaxis antoniensis), Euphorbia tuckeyana (Euphorbia tuckeyana), Helianthemum gorgoneum (Helianthemum gorgoneum), Echium stenosiphon (Echium stenosiphon lindbergii), Lavender (Lavandula rotundifólia), Nauplius daltoni (Nauplius daltonii vogelii), Globularia amygdalifolia (Globularia amygdalifolia), Periploca (Periploca laevigata chevalieri), Micromeria forbesi (Micromeria forbesii), Lobularia canariensis fruticosa (Lobularia canariensis fruticosa), Tolpis farinulosa (Tolpis farinulosa), Tornabenea bischoffii (Tornabenea bischoffii), Verbascum capitis viridis(Verbascum capitis viridis).
  • Fauna: birds: Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus); Osprey (Padion haliaetus); red kite (Milvus milvus fasciicauda); lesser cape verde kestrel (Falco neglectus); Cream-colored courser (Cursorius cursor); Brown-necked raven (Corvus ruficollis); Cape Verde swift (Apus alexandri). Reptiles: Gecko (Hemidactylus bouvieri).

Interesting points :

Natural values :

  • The exotism of the desertic landscape, constrasting with the blue of see in the background and the darkness of Topo de Coroa’s crater.
  • Landscapes in Tarrafal de Monte Trigo.
  • Ideal conditions for water sports and sport fishing (largest fishing ground on the island).

Cultural values :

  • Celebration of Santo André (Planalto Norte, 30th of November).
  • Celebration of Santo António (Monte Trigo, 13th of June).
  • Feasts of Lent (Tarrafal, during Easter).
  • Local products : traditional cheese, Grogue, salted fish and seafood, Inhame, yam, sweets and liqueurs.