The flora of Cape Verde includes about 891 species, 10% of which are endemic to the archipelago, of which 17.5% are included in the red list with some degree of threat. Santo Antão, followed by Santiago and Fogo, are the islands with the greatest number of plant species. In terms of endemism, Santo Antão is the island with the highest number, most with some ameça status, for example, Macelinha (Conyza varia), Cedreirinha (Micromeria forbesii), Papaver gorgoneum Theresias, Marmulano (Sideroxylon marginatum),

In the forest perimeters introduced species, which coexist, with several native species. In the forests of humid zones, the conifers and the pine trees predominate, whereas in the zones of low altitude are mainly Prosopis and Acacias.

It is estimated that in Santo Antão the forest area covers 5 390 ha (6.9% of the surface of the Island).