Route of Nhô Muchim – PR1 SAPN

Crossing points : Ribeira das Patas – Chã de Morto / Ribeirãozinho /J. Bento / Alto Mira – Chã de Dragoeiro

Length : 6,5 km

Time: 3 h

Type of route : Linear marked both ways.

Start of the route : Chã de Morte, Ribeira das Patas

End of the route : 3º Povoado – Alto Mira

This route can be taken both ways, starting inChã de Morte “funds of Nhô Muchin” or in Alto Mira. It goes through Ribeira de Estrança Velha, and has an impressive configuration due to the geological constitution. This area was the inspiration point of “Chuva Braba” ” Strong Rain” written by the cape verdean author Manuel Lopes. It also crosses Ribeirãozinho, João Bento, Forquinhas and ends in Alto Mira – 3º Povoado. Arriving there, the traveler will face an exuberant landscape, made of terraces of plantations all along the mountain, with the ocean in the background.

Natural heritage

  • Fauna:: Lesser Cape Verde Kestrel (Falco neglectus), Cape Verde Swift (Apus alexandri), Brown-necked raven (Corvus rufficollis), Iago sparrow (Passer iagoensis).

Interesting points :

Natural values :

  • Canyons with amazing landforms.
  • Areas of endemic plants and medicinal ones.

Cultural values :

  • Celebration of São João Baptista (Ribeira das Patas – June)
  • Celebration of Nª Sr.ª de Fátima (Alto Mira – May and October)
  • Tracing of countryside’s paths and agricultural’s terraces.
  • Trapiches
  • Local gastronomy : midjingron (cachupa of green corn), cachupa, papa com friginado (pig’s offal) , stew of various meats, fongos, brinhola (fonguinho), couscous and drinks – grog and similars, punch, and other liqueurs used to cheer up the pilgrims.
  • Local products: traditional cheese, sweets, jam and liqueurs, aguardiente, grog (sugarcane liqueur), sugarcane’s honey, from the rural area.